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write gritty songs for gutsy people

Songwriting, lyrics, music production. Songnine works in the studio, mobile or virtually. English or German. Jo Henek comes from rock and writes for artists of different genres. For production, mixing and mastering he works with a selected network.

Thirteen valuable tips for the next song or as immediate help when things get difficult.

Songnine is your most distinct song. Some feedbacks:

«I like the guitar riffs and the gritty mood. The songs are suspenseful and engaging, the chunky chords, as well the direction lyrically stand out uniquely and memorable.»

(Music Supervisor, LA)

«Raw punk rock with a lot of variety, exciting songs. A great act."

(Event portal CH)

«This is about as radiofriendly as metal gets without losing its nerve. 10 out of 10."

(Metal Magazine UK)



(view CH)

«Party-friendly and catchy. The songs surprise. The ballads get under your skin and provide absolute highlights.»

(Hard Rock Magazine DE)

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